We conserve the ocean through outreach, restoration, and research.

KZO Sea Farms has partnered with an interdisciplinary team of international scientists, ocean engineers, and educational professionals to develop public private sector mariculture programs.  It is planning to develop Mariculture Parks for farming low trophic shellfish and seaweed, employing sustainable techniques and technologies.

KZO Education, an affiliated 501c3 nonprofit organization, is developing a pioneering project for restoring the native Olympia oyster into bays and estuaries along the Southern California Coast.

KZO Education also markets and deploys the KZO Innovation technology as a Learning 2.0 platform which leverages dynamic video content through both synchronous and asynchronous communication, driving enhanced training, collaboration and perpetual knowledge exchange.

Catalina Sea Ranch, LLC is developing the “First Offshore Shellfish Ranch in US Federal Waters” to create green jobs and put a small dent in America’s shellfish deficit.