Management Team


Phil Cruver

Phil is the president and CEO of KZO Sea Farms and Catalina Sea Ranch.  Phil is a social entrepreneur, founder of four start‐up companies, and has served as CEO of two public companies.  He is the Co‐ founder and former Chairman of KZO Innovations, Inc., a venture capital funded software company that created the technology for the Learning 2.0 Platform.  Previously, he co‐founded and was CEO of Kidz Online, a nonprofit educational organization that pioneered peer technology training programs as broadband interactive video and webcasts.  Phil was founder and CEO of International Dynergy Inc., a public company that financed and installed $50 million of wind turbine generators in Palm Springs, CA.  He was Senior Vice President and member of Board of Directors of Auto‐Train Corporation, an American Stock Exchange Company that transported automobiles and passengers to Florida and CEO of its subsidiary Railway Services Corporation.  Phil has raised millions of dollars in venture capital, congressional earmarks, and sponsorships and has written over 70 articles published in national magazines and trade journals relating to his various businesses.


Debbie Johnson

Debbie is a co-founder of KZO Sea Farms and previously the Executive Director of KZO Education.  She also serves as Director and Administrative Officer for Catalina Sea Ranch, LLC.  She was previously the Program Manager for the ED-LINKS Program, a subcontractor for the $90 million five-year program "LINKS TO LEARNING: Education Support to Pakistan (ED-LINKS)" funded by USAID.   Debbie was the Program Manager for the “Alamitos Bay Oyster Restoration Program” in Long Beach, CA where she managed the community outreach and educational activities for volunteers.